Get your family ready for Mass the easy way!

Introducing the Mass Box - a program for 3-7 year olds to help your family get ready for each and every Mass with craft supplies, kids missals, and coloring sheets delivered every month to your door!

We take the work out of getting ready for Mass so that your family can spend time together preparing instead of searching the internet for ideas and collecting craft materials. Everything is ready, and we've even made a YouTube show called Catholic Crafts with Clare to help prepare you and get children excited about the Mass and the crafts.

We completed a trial run of the program and are getting ready for the full launch.

Here is what reviewers are saying:

"The Mass Box is perfect for families who love to craft, who have kids with attention spans longer than my own children and who are dedicated to getting more out of Mass with their kids!" -Dan Harms, Father, Youth Minister & Catholic Speaker/Musician

"The Mass Box is simply genius. It makes catechesis possible, fun and powerful! My kids would lean over during the Sunday Gospel and say, 'I know this story!'" -Katie Hartfiel, Author and Speaker

"The Mass Box makes it easy to do fun, informative and entertaining Catholic crafts with your kids without the need for the last minute craft store run! My kids were engaged and loved hearing how the craft ties into the Mass that week!" -Karianna, mama and blogger at Best Bib and Tucker Blog

"As a mom and blogger I fully stand behind this whole concept. The kids loved watching the videos and then getting to do the same craft at home. They enjoyed sharing about the craft each week with friends at church, I was so impressed at how much they retained because of the hands-on nature of each activity."

"The Mass Box is a great way to get kids more involved in the Sunday liturgy. My kids looked forward to their "'Sunday project' which enhanced their understanding of the readings and brought it down to their level more. I was happy to see Magnifikid in the box as well so that the kids could use it to follow along at Mass and begin to participate more fully in the Mass."

"The Mass Box filled a great hole for my 4 year old son, where he could do a fun weekly activity while learning more about what was going on at Mass. As a pre-reader, he often finds it hard to sit still during the readings, but the crafts and YouTube videos when done before attending Sunday mass, were an excellent way for him to connect the dots. The activities, videos, and crafts provided a fun way to bring the Gospel to his level! "

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