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A little about our mission...

We are passionate about helping families connect and fall in love with God through the Bible and the Mass. 

Through our own experiences we saw the need for hands-on engaging 21st century materials for busy families to use to prepare for Mass, especially with young children! Our research shows that as much as 90% of learning for kids under 2nd grade is kinesthetic. So we started The Mass Box as a solution for families to get hands-on with the Bible and Mass Prep! 

The Mass Box began as a family, just like any other! Parents Ashley and Raymond saw a need to do more with our children Clare (6), Dominic (4) and Joseph (2). They struggled to behave at Mass, let alone get anything out of it. The few Sundays we actually spent time preparing with the kids for Mass in an age-appropriate way were far more meaningful and had far fewer meltdowns. Crafts were especially useful, but we almost never had time to find or come up with a craft, get all the materials, AND actually do the craft with our kids. Ashley is also a TV producer and director, and so it only seemed natural for us to begin a kids show with a companion box of materials. Because that's what any family would do. If we needed The Mass Box, we were sure others would too. So we conducted a 100 family trial run of the Mass Box in Lent 2016 with some great results and great feedback! 

We now send out kits to hundreds of families and produce the show for every Sunday and Holy Day! We're under the non-profit of Common Good: Awakening the Domestic Church Project

We've also grown the team. In addition to Ashley (mom/producer/director), Raymond (dad/craft helper), Clare, Dominic and Joseph (kids/crafters) we also have Sarah (customer service), Laura (craft planner/Catholic mom), Kaela (editor), Genevieve (magazine editor), Christina (magazine layout artist), Christin (writer), Rachel (layout supervisor), Catalina, Clara, and Zaida (illustrators), and Joy (coloring sheet illustrator). We work with SuperBook to include Bible-based animation DVDs and are partnered with Eggleston Services (a non-profit that provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities) for packing and fulfilling orders! 

We at the Mass Box are a team of moms and dads and young adults passionate about passing the faith on to the next generation. We collect all the craft materials and send them to you in individual family boxes. We also make a webisode craft show that will show how to make the crafts, discuss the Mass topics, and get kids excited!   

You can read more about our story on this Catholic-Link guest article. 

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