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Journey with the Wise Men!

$39.95 - $99.95

Product Description

WE ARE SOLD OUT! Spend the season of Advent preparing your family for Christmas! This Super Box is jam packed with materials for kids aged 5-10 from The Mass Box, Living Faith Kids, and SuperBook. We're focusing on a journey with the Wise Men seeking Jesus this year! You'll make your own full-sized beeswax Advent candles, a gold, frankincense, and myrrh craft, a stargazing science craft, follow through Advent with an Advent calendar, This Will Be A Sign seek-and-find book, and SuperBook Explorer Animated Bible DVD! This year the box is NOT the same as the regular Mass Box subscription box - the only overlap is the Advent Calendar. The total box value, if you were to go shop on your own (forget your time spent finding everything!) is over $80 per child! Advent candles are "roll your own" natural beeswax candles, approximately 8" long and 1" diameter finished size. Each family box contains one set of Advent candles and one Superbook Explorer DVD; all other materials are duplicated for every child in the kit size. We also have an Advent/Lent subscription only for people who want to make sure they don't miss our speciality boxes (click subscribe above for details). USA only - shipping included!

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