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VBS at Home Craft Packs

$19.95 - $199.95

Product Description

Are you looking for something to do with a group of kids and want all the prep work done for you? Get a set of 5 crafts per child! All crafts are individually packaged and ready to go. You may need scissors, markers, or crayons from home...but that's about it. All the random stuff - wooden cutouts of exactly the right shapes, fabrics, paints, stickers, glue, tape, 6 feathers, etc... are all there for you! We can't tell you exactly what crafts there will be, but every child will have the same set of crafts and directions to make teaching easy. Every child will also receive one Superbook DVD! Companion materials are available including how-to videos, crosswords, word searches, coloring sheets, etc... are available online. Just select the number of kids and we'll get your materials on the way! Shipping is included, USA only. Costs are as little as under $10 per child for 5 crafts and one DVD. NOTE: Select number of children participating. Only select quantity if you want twice the number of kid selected: ex 20 x 2 = 40 kids total. (USA only - outside of USA, call for shipping price.)

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